Friday, 3 July 2015

Mozilla Club : MozMakerBhopal

Hi folks !

As we are growing day by day and our team of MozMaker is also growing then why we shouldn't have a club where we all together share and teach the web to each other and rest of the students.

As a club captain, I take an initiative to form this club in which we are not only friends but a Family!

1. What we teach ?
We already did a number of events in the city also outside the city, we basically concentrate to develop the webmaker skills of student instead of a Webuser only! We make students web literate so that they can do there studies with out the help of anyone.

2. Whom we taught ?
We have organized events , sessions and seminars on most of the places like Schools, colleges and institutes in the city. It is for any age group from middle school students to graduate students and there parents or teachers.

3. What tools and resources we used ?
We generally teach Web Maker tools like popcorn(for video editing and informative video making), X-ray Goggles(web page making, page editing etc.) and Thimble (to make our own web pages with our code.)
We not only teach technical students but also Lawyer, Doctor, Chartered Accountants etc. according to there interests.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Event Date: 20/03/2015                                                                                        Event Venue: IIST   

Hi Folks !

Long time no events, Yes, this time we have many new people who got chance to take part in our annual event Mozconnect2015 at IIST, Indore. Here we invited Soumya, Sayak, Sara and Chadrakant for delivering the session and improve the productivity on particular topics.

One first day of event we were in the auditorium with no seats left empty :) We started session with Faisal Aziz and he talked about the Mozilla Introduction and its Mission, Contribution and Products. Sayak talked about the Privacy and Firefox Mobile OS. Soumya talked about the Different Areas of Contribution and Bugzilla. Sara gives presentation on WoMoz. Chandrakant talked about what is localization how we can contribute to it, Why we should contribute in localisation.

After that voluteers arranged Multiple booths for FFOS , Localization, Womoz, FSA, Webmaker and Sumo. After that we took our lunch and proceed for the Hands on session on Localization and Mobile Apps. Due to low internet connectivity we faced a lil problems but not for longer. Soumya and Sayak finally started the session on app making and developing. On the other side Chandrakant and Faisal took session on Localisation. And we were helping students to follow the links and the right way to do the contributions.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

MozCoffee : A start with New Year

Date : 11/01/2015                                                                                         Venue: Cafe You, Bhopal

Hey Folks !

Happy new Year to all ! On this new year it's two year completed Contributing in Mozilla Open source Organization. And we have planned a Mozillian Meet to share knowledge to each other. This meet is a little event as we have some new Mozillians from the city. They  were very eager to know about Mozilla and its mission but due to there exams they wont able to attend past meetup or events.
There were many Mozillians who were facing problems in contributing Sumo or L10n they also got a good bunch of answers from us.

Now we have started the Meetup from Mozilla Introduction and then we have give knowledge about FSA club to form more clubs and club leads in different colleges.
They also learnt FxOS apps development and firefox app maker tool. Webmaker tools and Aoa , how to support the web being a Mozillian What we have do actually. they were surprised to saw our names on Mozilla Credit page.

We also shared some swags with Newbies and we together had snacks with a cup of coffee :)
It was a super cool meetup, also the Cafe owner take interest into the meetup talk and shared some lines about web and its openness

Check more photos here ...

Monday, 24 November 2014

MozCoffee: MozMeetBhopal

Venue : Wonder Bread : A Ca`ffe`

Date :    23/11/2014

Hi All,

here is my blog for the MozCoffee, we have planned it all of a sudden and i looked for a new venue b'coz there is free wifi available there. All Mozillians Met at noon and we were very exited to meet Faisal Aziz who recently settled down back in Bhopal. This meet is actually to discuss all the difficulties that are coming in the path of local volunteers in between the contribution and what  So we started with the Areas like Banners, Venue, Private Transport Reimbursement etc.

Then three new Womoz joined us from My college Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Mgmt
they are the product of Womaniya. They are already know about Mozilla Mission vision and Contribution. But they are lack of knowledge how to contribte in different areas like SUMO L10n AOA , Webmaker etc. So Arpit started to teach them Webmaker tools.

Mean While we started the TechTheTrainee Session, in that we discussed each other expertize and shared it with others. In this way every one learned a new thing.

This was an awesome meetup in that we have target so many things and hit the agenda. Also the newbie got new area for contribution.
We had snacks with our own contribution. And atlast we Enjoyed our Sunday ! :)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

When Firefox turns 10 :) :D

Hello All,

Firefox 10th B'day Celebration @ Bhopal  #fx10

 Date : 9/11/2014

This blog post is for the special occasions of Mozilla Firfox 10th Birthday which was celebrated on 10 November 2014. Mozilla Community Bhopal has been always doing its best when it comes to such occasion and we followed same series this year.


Me along with all my community member gathered for a MozCoffee and than we did a small celebration where we asked few people to share their experience with their favorite browser and all of them belong to all different categories including school students, college students and entrepreneur.
The idea of Video is given by Rahul and we all community members helped him to make success and also it was an awesome experience for all of us to do so.

Video link :

Editing Done by Rahul and shot by Mozilla Community Bhopal Team

Event Pics :

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

MakerParty @ JNCT

Hello Folks,

Date : 20 September 2014

Venue : JNCT, Bhopal

Etherpad and Submission of Makes...

After few weeks, we are back for MakerParty in Bhopal, This time we have some one who made us, who found the Mozilla Community in Bhopal. Yes, He is Faisal Aziz who is my Mentor and i learned alot of things from him.

So finally the day of event came and we all gathered at college to take session, We found that we have to take session in two different labs, because department HOD insisted us for that so that good number of students will be covered. Somehow we managed all the things in a good manner and also we have number of speakers. Also we have special Mozillian Mrinal Jain came from Indore to involve with Teach and make Fun

On the first, Faisal Aziz started the session in one lab explaining the Mozilla and its Mission along with Divya and Anju gave the Womoz session as we have good number of girls attendee and parallel to that in other lab I (Vaibhav Bajaj) took session on HTML5 and thimble then we started X-Ray Goggle by Arpit Singhal and Shiva Goyal , they both expalined the tool nicely  and then after the break of 20 minutes Rahul and Chandan took session on Appmaker which was very new to some Mozillians and obviously Students.

We also created their Persona Account and guided them how to use also we have enjoyed alot this time. Special Thanks to Sharique, Mrinal and Prateek Agrawal. And Thanks to Komal Gandhi to provide Banners on time. Also our event is Featured on College website []
  Check Photos here...
Feedback by an attendee

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

KidzMakerParty @ ITARSI

Venue: Excellent Public School, Itarsi                                                                       Date: 03/08/2014

Hi Friends !

Here i am with the success story of our First Maker Party 2014 in guidance with Faisal Aziz, held at Itarsi (city near Bhopal approx 100km), all arrangements done by Anju Chandel, as she belongs to Itarsi. She planned to organize an event on this awesome day for students i.e. FRIENDSHIP day.

So the day came and we were there with the students of class 9th and 10th. There are 70 Students including Girls and that too on day SUNDAY with friendship day. They were super exited to see Mozilla Banner at there School Campus. And we Started with the Introduction of Mozilla which was given by Me(Vaibhav Bajaj) and Rahul  , After that we asked some internet related questions to students and gave swags for the right answers, The students were very eager for there luck to give answers.Out of all one girl was good at drawing so we gave Firefox Sticker to her to make a sketch on board with the help of chalk.
 After the Questioning and Introduction session, Chandan Started the session of HTML and teach the basic HTML tags to them. He taught very nicely to all students and then he asked few Questions related to Browser and its working. After that Anju and Divya gave the session on WoMoz. Then Arpit Singhal took the dice and gave a working demo on Popcorn Remixing tool, As the students are not good at HTML so We gave demo on Thimble and explained its working, Created table and created hyperlinks.  Also we show the working of Goggle X-ray how we hack a web page and remix it according to us. We have also shared important Links with them. 

At last we captured lots of pictures with students and had snacks with all Mozillians Together !
For more photos : Click here to see